vrijdag 20 november 2009

Hey everybody

Hey everybody,

The following blogs I made are part of an assignment for my school. For those who don’t know, I’m studying Media & Entertainment Management at Stenden Hogeschool in Leeuwarden.

I am following the English (international) course, that is the reason of the English language.



Guitar Paying

As a guitar player you can choose from a couple of different guitars as: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Semi Acoustic Guitar.

Every guitar player has a different style of playing on both Electric and Acoustic guitar. Most of them even prefer the one above the oder and don’t play the other guitar at all.

I self am a guitar player and like to play the electric guitar a bit more than the acoustic guitar. This is because my abilities on an electric guitar are more and better.

The big difference between the guitars is the sound. The electric guitar sounds more steely and technical and the acoustic guitar sounds warmer and has a natural sound.

But I think the big advantage of an electric guitar is the variation in sound. There are tons of effects available nowadays, and a combination of effects can have a cool result.

But a difference that you can only experience when you play guitar is that it plays differently. Even with the same types of strings, the way of playing is still different.

I was wondering what that could be, so I did some research and came to the conclusion that it is the thickness of the neck that determines the feeling when you play it.

Every guitar has a different neck, it can even be a difference of half a centimeter.

So, if you ever wonder why you prefer the electric guitar above the acoustic guitar or you can’t play that good on that one cool guitar, the conclusion could be the thickness of the neck.



donderdag 19 november 2009

Sneak Preview

This Tuesday I went to a sneak preview in the cinema here in Leeuwarden.

A sneak preview is a movie that is not shown before, but you don’t know which movie it is. I never went to such a thing, because I have certain thoughts about it.

First of al, you go to the cinema and you pay for the movie, but the fact that you don’t know where the movie is about. This makes it for some people exiting and for others a waste of money.

It is a waste of money as you buy a product which you don’t know what its functions are. It is the same if you went into a store, blind folded, and just picked something. Pay for the product and find out at home where you spent your money on.

That is why I actually never saw a sneak preview.

It is exiting because you don’t know what you are about to see. Frankly, this is the opposite of the waste of money point.

Secondly the amount of people.

The amount of people is so high, because you don’t have to pay much for a movie which is never watched before. And who knows, maybe it is a real good movie.

So I went to such a sneak preview without any expectations. The room was filled with people so we needed to sit on the stairs.

The movie wasn’t that bad and we had lots of fun, so I will do it again shortly.



New Peppers (again?) !

As a fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I try to keep up with new events and announcements of the band. Recently I was looking for some chords for a song and on the same website there was a news bulletin. In this news bulletin they mentioned something about an interview with Chad Smith (the drummer of the Peppers).

I read the article and read that the band went back into the studios again.

After their tour of the 2006’s album ‘Stadium Arcadium’ the band broke to have a break for “about a year”. Now the band starts to make songs again. "We’re gonna write for a while, it usually takes us a while" as Chad told Clash Magazine. He also told that the album will be in the stores around October/November next year.

I am looking forward to this new album as it will be experimental. The drummer told that Flea (the bass player) came up with electronic beats and that they already made some songs with piano on them.

Self I think Stadium Arcadium is not their best album, but the ‘experimental’ things on the album gave them a new ‘image’. I think the upcoming album will do the same. All new/experimental stuff.

I can’t wait till next year to hear the new album, I am really interested in the end result of it.

If you want more info look on

http://www.clashmusic.com/news/red-hot-chilli-peppers-announce-new-album-plans or buy Clash Magazine :)



Online Shopping info site

Lately we started with the new module (the 2nd) which is a practical. We need to finish certain assignments in two weeks and than a new one starts. The sectors covered are the Music Business, New Media, Audio Visual and Print Media.

The assignment I am making now is New Media.

The intention of this assignment is to develop an informal website about a subject which is given by the tutor(s). Our subject is online shopping.

Unfortunately, I was sick the whole first week, as a result that I couldn’t attend the developing part. But we made a budged diagram about the costs and we made a make-up of the website which we made with Photoshop.

To make the website itself we used the Apple application “iWeb”. This is an easy way to make a good looking website and publishing it is one click away.

I never used iWeb before, but after half an hour you know what the application is capable of and you know how to use it.

As I mentioned above, our subject is Online Shopping. So if you want some information about online shopping you can find it on http://get2know.media-operations.nl/get2know/Home.html